Heavy Flooding Expected Along the Texas Coast

Thursday, August 24, 2017 - 23:45



*IHAS Houston office resumed full operations 9/1/17 following Tropical storm Harvey. Payroll was sent ahead of regular schedule thanks to great teamwork. Many are suffering from the extensive flooding. We hope you and your families are safe.* 


We are closing early on Friday August 25th due to extreme weather from Hurricane Harvey which is expected to last through Tuesday and to cause extensive flooding throughout many areas of Texas.  If you live in an effected area, stay tuned to weather updates and follow your emergency preparedness plans to stay safe.

Call 911 for emergencies. *The City of Houston has advised that the call volume is high, STAY ON THE LINE! Your call will be answered. All assets are deployed and hundreds have already been rescued.*

For general information call 211. *The City of Houston has requested that for the time being general information calls be directed to 311 rather than 211*

Continue to send emails, telephone messages, and faxes as usual as long as the power is up. Some of our staff are working diligently to have checks mailed on scheduled dates.

Please visit our website at www.inhometexas.com for any special updates.

If you are not in the CDS option and your attendant is an employee of In-Home Attendant Services, one of the Field Supervisors has provided you with information regarding your options for insuring your safety during this time when attendants may not be able to travel though flood waters to reach you.  If you need to contact the agency, please use the after-hours number provided by the Supervisor of your attendants.  The after-hours numbers will be monitored as usual as long as telephone service is available.

Thank you!

  • For a comprehensive list of Hurricane Harvey resources visit the FEMA website
  • Para obtener información y recursos en español visite Listo.gov
  • The Regional Joint Information Center (JIC) is a great resource for timely and accurate information when emergency conditions exist in the greater Harris County area.
  • Stay informed about traffic, power outages, and more with the Reliant Storm Center
  • For info on road conditions and closures visit Drivetexas.org
  • For Texas-wide storm radar tracking visit Accuweather.com
  • The Weather Channel offers 24 hour coverage of weather related news.
  • To volunteer aid or locate a Red Cross shelter visit American Red Cross
  • DSHS News Release: Texas urges health precautions for residents affected by Hurricane Harvey (8/30/17)



IHAS Houston office did not flood however freeways are flooded making access difficult. Designated staff are working remotely. We appreciate your patience.






The Harris County Flood Control District anticipates the controlled release of water from two reservior dams sometime early in the a.m. Monday 8/27/2017. This water will be released into Buffalo Bayou in order to relieve preasure on the dams however it may cause the flooding of the Bayou to worsen.








Important MCO Service Coordination Contact Information

The National Hurricane Center is predicting that Hurricane Harvey is likely to become a stronger hurricane as it approaches the Texas coast on Aug. 25. The hurricane will produce winds, prolonged heavy rainfall, and flooding across parts of Texas into next week.

Please check the HHS website frequently for updates and resources related to the storm.

Individuals enrolled in the Home and Community-based Services (HCS), Texas Home Living (TxHmL), Community Living Assistance and Support Services (CLASS) or Deaf Blind with Multiple Disabilities (DBMD) waiver programs may need assistance with accessing services during this emergency. Individuals in these programs who are also enrolled with a managed care organization (MCO) for their acute care should contact their MCO service coordination hotline for assistance with medical needs, such as prescriptions or durable medical equipment.