Tuesday, September 5, 2017 - 15:45

Our Houston office was spared but freeways were flooded. A few staff got their homes and/or cars flooded but everyone is alive and well. The community has been and continues to be amazing with people helping people. 

We apologize for not being able to immediately acknowledge all of your calls and messages.  Your many messages of caring and concern lifted our spirits and warmed our hearts.  Thank you.  
Everyone communicated, coordinated and worked hard both on site and remotely throughout the worst of Tropical Storm Harvey.  Time sheets and payroll were processed on time.  Direct deposits have been released for deposit on the regular payday of Wednesday.  Paper checks were put in the mail last Thursday, a day earlier than usual.
We continued back office operations and resumed full front office and back office operations on Friday. Some are working in the office on Labor Day and we will be open as usual Tuesday September 4.  Please bear with us as we prioritize incoming calls. Our receptionist's home was flooded and is out...we have a temp coming in tomorrow to help staff who have been filling in wherever needed.  
Some staff are working full time, some part time and some are on temporary leave. Marlene and family had just moved into a new home with new furniture and got 6 feet of water.  She and her family are okay. She has been in and out of the office and is staying in touch while she handles this challenging situation. She and her husband went kayaking to check on their house and get things from the second level.. She is staying with family and trying to figure out how her kids will get to school across town next week. Her oldest daughter starts her first day of college at UH tomorrow. Her car flooded making it a little more difficult but not impossible.  Overall, they remain in good spirits. We will post some stories as soon as we catch up on basics.