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In-Home Attendant Services has been dedicated to person centered self-direction since 1996. Over the years, the hopes of citizens in need had been fulfilled as Medicaid program participants were finally given the chance to become the employer of their personal care employees. In-Home Attendant Services partnered with advocates, participants, and the state, as they worked through the early pilot program in CMPAS while also helping to develop self direction into the CDS model we use today. This profound history has aided in our organizational culture dedicated to the success of consumer direction. At In-Home, we're on your side and as we work together we can achieve excellence.

What is CDS?


Consumer Directed Services is a program that allows you to become the direct employer of your in-home care attendant. With the assistance of your Financial Management Agency, you are responsible for managing your budget, allowing for state and federal taxes, and more. Most importantly you directly supervise the delivery of your in home care services.


What does this mean for you as an employer?


As an employer, you have direct charge over a couple of things that will be pertinent to the success of the relationship between you, your employee and us here at In-Home Attendant Services. You will be overseeing:


    • Interviewing/Hiring/Firing (management with employees)

    • Training and supervising your employees (guided by your employer packet)

    • Setting wages (within state guidelines)

    • Setting your employees' schedule (within authorized weekly hours)

    • Giving benefits (such as: vacation days and bonuses)


As an Employer, who can I hire?


Who you can hire revolves around which program you choose to use. Based on the program you will have certain hiring guidelines to follow. We suggest checking first with your Insurance/Medicaid provider to get a better idea of what your options will be.


As your financial management service agency, In-Home Attendant Services offers employer orientation and support. We are responsible for processing payroll and employment taxes for your employee. For a list of programs that we serve in the CDS option please click on our Services tab for more information.


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